Voter information

In Iowa government:

Marion County is House District 28, except for Pella and Lake Prairie Township which are in House District 79.

Marion County is in Senate District 14, except for Pella and Lake Prairie Township which are in Senate District 40.

In the United States House of Representatives:

Marion County is in District 2


To vote in any election you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years or older by the election date, and be residing and registered to vote in Marion County.

You may register IN PERSON at the county auditor’s office anytime during office hours up to 10 days immediately preceding primary and general elections and 11 days preceding all other elections.

You may also use a VOTER REGISTRATION FORM available at city clerk’s office, county auditor’s office, city library, some telephone directories or go on line to for a print-out. Mail the completed form to the county auditor’s office where it must be received ten days before primary and general elections, and eleven days before all other elections. Eighteen-year-olds may preregister six months before their 18th birthday.

It is not necessary to declare a party affiliation. However, if you wish to vote in the primary you must declare an affiliation at the precinct on primary election day if you haven’t already done so.

The county auditor’s office will send you a voter registration card within two weeks after your registration was received. The card will list the polling place for the precinct in which you are registered. If you do not receive a voter registration card, contact your county auditor to confirm that they received your registration.


Although your registration is permanent you must update it for changes of name and address. Your registration cannot be transferred to a different county or state. If you move to a different precinct you may complete a voter registration form to be sent to the auditor or you may report a change of address at the polls on Election Day. Go to the polling place for the precinct where you now reside and you will be asked to show identification.


If you do not pre-register to vote before the voter registration deadline, you can go to the polling place for the address where you currently live to register and vote on Election Day. You will need to show proof of identity and proof of your current residence. The best form of identification is a valid Iowa driver’s license with your current address printed on it.


Registered voters may request an absentee ballot at any election. Absentee ballots may be sent to voters through the U.S. Postal Service. Completed absentee ballot request forms should be returned to the county auditor in the county where the voter is registered. Voters may also vote in person at the county auditor’s office or at satellite absentee voting locations. Use the web site above to obtain a request and for further information about voting. For additional information call the county auditor at 641/828-2217.


Democratic Party – Anita Martin, 641-218-4699
Republican Party – Irene Blom 641-780-1057

For additional information call the county auditor at 641/828-2217.

Pella map delineating Ward boundaries and City Council representatives (Click map to enlarge)